Creative digital marketing agency owner launches free mastery sessions to help business through economically challenging times ahead

May 12 2022

Creative digital marketing agency owner, Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, has officially launched Evergreen Masterclasses, free sessions that will provide businesses with strategic digital marketing expertise to navigate through one of the most economically challenging times they may face in many years.

Having seen the effect that the pandemic had on business in a variety of sectors, and with a recession predicted for the near future, Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, digital marketing agency owner and SEO expert with over 15 years of experience, decided that something needs to be done to best equip businesses to thrive difficult times, achieved by having a strong online marketing strategy.

The newly released Evergreen masterclasses will be conducted via Zoom and in person at The Evergreen Agency’s head office in Bicester, Oxfordshire with the purpose to educate businesses on how to create a strong digital marketing strategy through SEO, content marketing and paid media and how to implement it to ensure maximum success.

These will be aimed at businesses in specific sectors that The Evergreen Agency has continued to partner with over the past 8 years, acquiring vast experience, expertise and insights into how those businesses get the most from digital marketing. The select business sectors include retail & eCommerce, hospitality & leisure, home improvements, health & social care and professional services.

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins has commented on his new initiative to help over 60 businesses in the next few months: “After 15+ years of digital marketing experience with eight of those years running Evergreen always in the same sectors, I am excited to share my expertise to help businesses future-proof themselves, despite what 2022 and 2023 may throw at them.

Believe me, it has never been more important to have your digital marketing ducks in a row. The online world was a very different place the last time we had a recession in 2008-09, and I can almost guarantee most businesses didn’t have anywhere near as much of a reliance on digital marketing back then as they do now. I can’t stress the importance enough of how businesses need to be ready, so they prosper while competitors may struggle and I can’t wait to share this message with the first group of businesses that sign up for our masterclasses in the upcoming months.”

You can find further information, dates and availability for the new masterclasses here –