Civic leaders across county come together to light Jubilee beacon

May 30 2022

The Oxfordshire Lieutenancy is bringing together civic leaders from across the county in a ceremony to light Oxfordshire’s beacon, in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor James Fry, will be representing Oxford City Council at the beacon lighting, being held on Thursday 2 June at 9.45pm at Castle Mound, New Road, Oxford.

A bugler will sound a call at 9.40pm, followed by the lighting of the Beacon by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Mr Brian Buchan.

Oxfordshire’s Beacon will be lit at 9.45pm alongside the Principal Beacon at Buckingham Palace and an estimated 3000 other Beacons around the country.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Mr Brian Buchan, said:

“The lighting of Jubilee Beacons is one of the official events of the Platinum Jubilee in 2022, providing an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK Overseas Territories and the Commonwealth, to come together to celebrate this historic milestone.”

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor James Fry, said:

“The lighting of the beacon signals the start of the weekend’s jubilee celebrations in the city and beyond. It reminds us of the ancient custom of lighting beacons to spread news throughout the country. Today, it is also a fitting tribute to the light Her Majesty has given the nation during its darkest times”.

Chair of Oxfordshire County Council, Councillor Susanna Pressel, said:

“It’s awe-inspiring to think that at the same moment beacons are being lit up and down the land and even overseas. We are all joining together in this dramatic launch of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.”


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