What is T-Stats?

T-Stats is an online statistical tourism database which has been designed for Experience Oxfordshire by Acorn Consulting to capture, store, process and compare tourism data with other English Heritage Cities. This is a FREE tool available to all Partners of Experience Oxfordshire.

T-Stats provides the ability to collect and analyse a whole range of data to measure the performance of the local tourism industry – including accommodation occupancy, visits to attractions, city centre footfall and parking, attendance at events, Tourist Information Centre walk-in figures, and even the weather!

Experience Oxfordshire is able to use the aggregated market data when representing the industry’s interests at a local, regional and national level. For example, sector-specific data on room rates and occupancy levels can help counter-balance such claims as Oxford is ‘the most expensive destination outside London’.

Why should I use T-Stats?

T-Stats is a quick and easy way to record and monitor essential business data online. Graphs are automatically populated as soon as you enter data meaning you can begin to make comparisons straight away.

T-Stats not only gives you the ability to monitor your own business performance but also to benchmark your business against others within the same sector including monthly and annual comparisons of occupancy and room rates.

You will receive free monthly reports providing you with information on how the industry and your sector in particular is performing. Additional information such as visitor numbers to attractions, city centre footfall and the latest national trends are also included to provide a wider perspective.

T-Stats provides Experience Oxfordshire with invaluable insight into how the true state of the tourism industry is performing. By monitoring performance across a range of measures and analysing trends in the data, we are able to make more informed decisions, including when and where to focus our marketing to increase occupancy and value.

How to get involved

The system is only available to Partners of Experience Oxfordshire.

Sign Up

To sign up, and for more information, please fill out the form here and send to marketing@experienceoxfordshire.org.



I’m really busy – how long will it take to update?

T-Stats only requires a minimum of 2 key pieces of data to be entered a month, data which is generally recorded anyway or can easily be counted.

I don’t see how this benefits me? I already have my own system to monitor my performance

T-Stats don’t just record individual performance data; T-Stats was developed to see “the bigger picture” of how the tourism industry in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area is performing. T-Stats can be used to not only monitor your own performance but also how you are performing compared to your sector and the rest of the industry as a whole. It can also provide you with a wealth of information on tourism and visitor trends – both locally and nationally.

I don’t really want to share my information with competitors and/or Experience Oxfordshire

Rest assured, the information you enter is only available to yourself and Experience Oxfordshire. Individual data is not available to any other accommodation provider – a confidentiality agreement is in place to govern this. Experience Oxfordshire is only interested in aggregated data to help monitor how well the industry is performing – helping to shape priorities and inform decisions going forward.

Do I need any specific computer software or training to use T-Stats?

T-Stats is accessed online via a secure log-in, so you just need a computer with internet access.

Once you start to use T-Stats, if you encounter any problems or issues – or simply forget your password, please get in contact with us and we will help you through the process. Any feedback we receive will be used to improve the system. Acorn Consulting will also be able to assist you with any queries.