Haunted Oxford


Gripping stories of ghosts in the historical and beautiful University city of Oxford.

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Oxford is one of the most haunted cities in England. Author Rob Walters reports of interviews with “eye witnesses” who have experienced a selection of the city’s chilling hauntings.

Chapter 1: Innocent Ghosts
The strange apparition and death of a black man on one of Oxford’s most famous bridges and the sad death of a young lady who begged the hangman to swing her low for the sake of decency.
Chapter 2: Royal Ghosts
A recurrent spectacle of the beautiful mistress of a long dead king and the horrifying account of the gruesome death of an earlier monarch.
Chapter 3: Overweight and Overpowering Ghosts
Frightening ghosts that weigh down the bed and overpower the mind.
Chapter 4: Nameless Monastic Ghosts
A selection from the many stories of hooded monks that haunt the city and its colleges.
Chapter 5: Stone Ghosts
More substantial hauntings that have been photographed and touched, one of which is now safely incarcerated within a chapel.
Chapter 6: Intelligent Ghosts of the Colleges
Idiosyncrasy is a by-word for the Oxford Don and these hauntings reinforce that characteristic.
Chapter 7: Dutiful Ghosts of the Civil War
Oxford became the capital of England for four years during the Civil War and so began the city’s most productive period for spirits – including the chivalrous Colonel Windebank and the murderous lover.
Chapter 8: Elusive Ghosts of the Pubs and Inns
Watering holes are a favourite and fruitful source of ghostly encounters and these include a sighting in Oxford’s most famous literary pub, the Eagle and Child.

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