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The Oxford Artisan Distillery



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Welcome to The Oxford Artisan Distillery, this ancient city’s first distillery – and one of the world’s very few true craft distilleries.

They cultivate, craft, create and curate the very finest spirits using sustainably grown populations of ancient heritage grain. In fact, the rare and distinctive subtleties in their spirits are a direct result of their dedication to selecting genetically diverse rye, wheat and barley grown on small, local farms.

As well as growing their own grain, they’ve built their own hand made beautiful copper stills, and they bottle their own spirits with the reverence they deserve. In fact, from the terroir of the soil to the temptation in each sip, every aspect has been meticulously considered and painstakingly honed.

Join them to discover the principals and production processes that make their spirits.


Distillery Tour (£20 / 1 hour):

Book a behind-the-scenes-experience where you will learn how they make their award-winning Vodka, Gin, and Rye Whisky, following every step of the journey from seed to still – and into the bottle. Hear about the exclusive organic heritage grain at the heart of their spirits, discover the principles of their unique approach to distilling, and follow the production processes which make their craft spirits so special. The tour lasts 60 minutes and includes a tasting of their double award-winning vodka, three craft gins and Oxford Rye Spirit.

They are located on South Park Depot, Cheney Lane, 1.5 miles from the city centre and a short walk from any of the buses towards the Warneford Hospital stop. Alternatively, any bus to Oxford Brooke’s University will serve you well. We are a five-minute walk away from the campus.

They have a small amount of parking space available but advise using public transport if drinking.


Tours running times

They have tours running on:

Tuesday- Thursdays at 12 noon, 1:30pm and 3pm

Fridays at 12 noon, 1:30pm, 3pm, and 4:30pm

Saturdays at 12 noon, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm and 6pm

Sundays at 12 noon and 1:30pm

Whisky Tour (1.5 hours/£40)

With whisky now at the heart of the distillery, they’re delighted to invite you to the weekly whisky distillery tour.

Join one of their distillers on an in-depth tour of the distillery, where you will learn about the exclusive heritage grain at the heart of their whisky, discover the principles of their farming and their unique approach to distilling, and follow the production processes which make their whisky so special.

The tour will begin with an Oxford Rye Whisky Highball and as part of the tour you will taste our Oxford Rye spirit and 3 Whisky samples:

All guests on the whisky tour will receive a complimentary 5% off their purchases on the day.

Whisky Tour

The whisky tour runs every Friday at 6pm and they are hoping to increase these soon.



The Oxford Artisan Distillery, Old Depot, South Park, Cheney Lane,
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX3 7QJ United Kingdom
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