Wellbeing Walks Offer Lifeline for Vulnerable People

Mar 08 2023

An innovative social prescribing scheme which utilises Blenheim’s stunning parkland to provide guided wellbeing walks and activities for vulnerable people is proving a great success.

To date more than 130 people have benefited from the project, which is a joint partnership between the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Oxfordshire charity Aspire.

Aspire provides support to improve wellbeing for people facing disadvantage, mental health difficulties, long-term health conditions or affected by homelessness and poverty.

Launched in 2021, the joint partnership is now in its third phase with 15 guided walks done every six weeks around the Oxfordshire estate.

“The walks give people the opportunity to talk with the staff and each other, philosophical time to reflect and time to appreciate nature,” said Aspire’s Ross Munroe, Lead Social Prescribing Navigator.

“There has been a huge amount of peer support and mentoring from participants who have been involved with the Social Prescribing project, with individuals progressing onto volunteering, employment, and training opportunities, whilst supporting those new through the gates at Blenheim.

“Blenheim has supported Aspire all the way through, the members of the groups feel that Blenheim cares for them, the staff are helpful and kind and it is a real team effort,” he added.

Blenheim is hoping the results of the pilot will encourage other local community and health service organisations, including GP surgeries, to provide time on the Estate as a legitimate
treatment to improve physical and mental health.

“Without a doubt the Social Prescribing initiative has been a great success so far, and all those guests who have taken part have rewarded us with their rejuvenated view of life and their happiness,” said Blenheim Palace’s Sylvian Richard, Palace Guide.

Blenheim is committed to facilitating social prescribing as part of its wider strategy which includes helping the local community to thrive and prosper.

Issued on behalf of Blenheim. For more information please contact Samantha Vaughan on 07469 129743 or SVaughan@blenheimpalace.com or Ollie Young ollie@flamingo-marketing.co.uk

Blenheim’s Key Goals

Blenheim has three focuses for its core business in the years leading to 2027 that include; to share and protect the historic place for future generations, to enhance the lives of the people of Oxfordshire and to be the lifeblood of the local economy.

There are three core business areas that deliver to achieve these aims; property development, a visitor business and the land management of the 12,000 acres of estate.