Welcome to the Abingdon Distillery

Abingdon Distillery is a craft distillery based in Abingdon-on-Thames producing an award-winning range of gins, rum & single malt English whisky.


Tours & Tastings

Fancy a day out in Abingdon at the distillery? Learn about its craft with a tour of the production area followed by a guided tasting of its spirits at the distillery bar. Book a gin & rum distillery experience which runs every Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.


British Rum. Reborn.

Abingdon Distillery is proud to be one of a handful of distilleries that make their own rum from scratch in the UK.

Its delicious white rum is fermented and distilled from raw cane sugar from Guyana which gives a cleaner and sweeter style of rum compared to molasses rums.

Wild Oxen rum. Rum, reborn.


Opening hours

Thursday & Friday: 11am – 4pm
Saturday: 11am – 2pm (Tours start at 2:30pm)



Coxeter House, 21-27 Ock Street, Abingdon-on-Thames, OX14 5AJ