Inspector Morse Oxford

Discover the famous film locations of Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour and explore the mystery and murders that took place in Oxford and the surrounding English countryside.

And if you’re lucky you will see Morse and his long suffering sidekick Sergeant Lewis driving by in a red jaguar.

When visiting Oxfordshire there are many filming locations worth a visit; in the picturesque town of Burford, also known as the ‘Gateway to the Cotswolds, you will find Sheep Street 33. This location was used as the crime scene where John Barron falls to his death from a ladder.

Another interesting location for Morse fans is the impressive Blenheim Palace with its beautiful gardens, located in Woodstock. In The Way through the woods, Morse drives up to Blenheim Palace to investigate the death body found inside the Combe sawmill gate.

Inspector Morse enthusiasts should also recognise Didcot Railway Centre as well as the Didcot Parkway Station Platform. Those locations where used in a few different episodes, for example in The Wolvercote Tongue, when Morse and Lewis find Howard Brown at the Didcot Railway Centre and interview him about the murder of one of his tour companions.

Filming also took place in Oxford, the city of dreaming spires.  Episodes of Inspector Morse as well as the prequel Endeavour feature the famous Grade I listed Sheldonian Theatre, for instance in Twilight of the Gods. Also frequently used by Morse, Lewis and Endeavour is the Bodleian Library. The interiors of the library were used for the scene in which Lewis and Hathaway interview Professor Gold. In the first episode of Lewis, another famous Oxford attraction was displayed; the Ashmolean Museum. The museum is considered as one of the most important museums of art and archaeology in Britain. The episode features Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway going inside the museum to look at ancient Greek coins.

Selection of Inspector Morse Pubs in Oxfordshire:

  • In The White Horse pub, Inspector Morse’s younger self, Endeavour, had a drink with a beautiful but murderous opera singer in the series’ pilot.
  • In The Old Bookbinders Ale House, Morse and Lewis have a drink and discuss a case.
  • The Turf Tavern
  • The Morse Bar at The Randolph Hotel by Graduate Hotels; Morse often came here to complete The Times crossword puzzle and take a glass of whisky.
  • The King’s Arms
  • The Eagle and Child, was referred to as ‘Shears Wine Bar’ in the TV Series.
  • The Victoria Arms in Marston, is often featured in the shows. It was here that Lewis asked Morse to recommend him for promotion over drinks on the lawn.