Oxford Playhouse Rolls out a Programme of Support for Theatre Makers and Companies

Apr 28 2020

Oxford Playhouse has announced a programme of support for theatre makers in Oxfordshire during the lockdown period.  The Playhouse is committed to continuing to support the works of artists across Oxfordshire and beyond, as part of their wider Playhouse Plays On Creative Programme.


Oxford Playhouse has outlined three key ways in which they will support theatre companies and artists over the coming weeks. These include: offering feedback on funding applications to Arts Council England; bookable Advice Sessions; and collating resources and useful information to share with theatre makers.


Laura Elliot, Director of Programming & Participation for Oxford Playhouse commented:

“Oxford Playhouse is committed to discovering, nurturing and promoting talent from Oxfordshire and beyond.   Artists are at heart of everything we do, and we want to continue to do as much as we can to help support them during this challenging time.  We have already committed to 10 artistic initiatives under our Playhouse Plays On Creative Programme, to help our communities stay creative.  As part of that, we hope that by rolling out this tailored programme for theatre artists, The Playhouse can be here as a support during these uncertain times.”


The Playhouse will support theatre artists who are applying for funding from Arts Council England’s emergency funding.  Oxford Playhouse has been participating in the New Diorama Theatre’s National Application Reading Service with a group of 30 organisations around the UK.  The deadline for round two of applications for Individuals and Non-NPO organisations is this Thursday 30 April.  For those Oxfordshire based Non-NPOs and individual artists who are not eligible to receive support through the National Application Reading Service, Oxford Playhouse are offering to read through and give feedback on applications drafts directly.   All details of this support are available on The Playhouse website.

Oxford Playhouse has launched Advice Sessions in which the Playhouse team will offer advice about funding, marketing, programming, artist development and more.  Previously offered only to participants of the Evolve Scheme, access to these Advice Sessions has now been widened and they are now open to all theatre artists and companies across Oxfordshire. Advice Sessions slots are available for 30mins on Thursdays between 11.30am – 1.30pm, and can be booked by emailing artistdevelopment@oxfordplayhouse.com.


The third strand of the support programme offers Resources for emerging and developing theatre artists and companies.  Oxford Playhouse will collate and continue to update a range of opportunities and resources available to artists locally and nationally. The Playhouse also encourages people to send any other artistic opportunities to them so that these can be shared with the community of artists and companies that they engage with.  All resources are available on the Oxford Playhouse website.