The Photography Competition to showcase images of Love across the UK

Aug 18 2021

At a time when the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected relationships across the world for over a year and a half, Love in 2021 is here to celebrate love, diversity and positivity across the UK.


The competition, founded by London-based startup CLiKD Dating App (soon to be Klik) as part of its mission to help people find love across the country, is continuing its support of a nominated charity asking entrants to the Love In 2021 photography competition to leave a donation with their entrance to the competition.


First established in 2018 after a testing year for London which saw the Grenfell disaster and terrorist attacks rock the capital, Love In 2021 (formerly Love In London) looks to continue its mission of spreading love and positivity on an even larger scale for 2021. The original competition was a worldwide success, with Scott Hamiltion’s winning photo “Snuggle” being seen in 17 publications across 15 different countries, as well as on billboards and digital advertising screens across London. This year the competition is expanding across the whole of the UK with the competition hoping to have entrants from Bath, Oxford to Nottinghamshire and beyond.


The competition has six categories: Love Your Hometown, Love Your Community, Love Your Partner, Love Your Pets, Love Your Friends and Love What You Do. Photographers of all skill level are encouraged to enter the competition with the option of including a charity donation.


Excited prizes are set to be announced through the six week run time of the competition with the Love In 2021 officially closing on the 29th of September.


Inspired by the spirit of the competition Experience Oxfordshire would like to invite the public to submit their favourite photos of the people and places of Oxfordshire to showcase all that our amazing area has to offer.


Commenting on the competition, founder and CEO of Love in London and Klik, Michael Blakeley, said: “It’s fantastic to be organising a competition that aims to celebrate the happier times now that the national Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have eased. It’s been such a tough 18 months for so many people, we cannot wait to see how UK citizens creatively display their love through photography, be it of their hometown or their family, in this time of reopening. Love is something that brings everyone together and to help display the best of Love In 2021 is a great privilege.”


For more information, please contact Michael Blakeley, by email:, or phone: 07852114309[SM1]



Notes to editor

  • Love in London is an organisation which aims to celebrate love in the capital whilst raising money for its nominated charities.
  • Love in London aims to promote love and positivity by showcasing the very best photographs, videos and images submitted by the public across the capital.
  • Love in London relies on the support of sponsors, donors and the volunteer staff provided by Klik App.
  • Previous winning Photos available here.
  • For further information please contact or 07852115490
  • Klik is a UK dating app which puts personality first. It encourages creative and smart dating, over shallow and superficial swipes.
  • Klik has featured on everything from the BBC to Forbes. It’s won the same award for Innovation that Tinder and won in their early stages and has had recognition in the LGBT Community for its Love in London Campaign.
  • Klik was founded by former-lawyer and data protections officer, Michael Blakeley who is also a Fellow of Startup Leadership Program.
  • Klik is available on Google Play and the Apple App store. For more information, visit their website. You can also visit the CLiKD YouTube Channel: the CLiKD blog, where we write about the most controversial and relevant dating topics based off our in-app questions!