Come to Oxfordshire and experience The Oxfordshire Welcome!

Businesses operating within our visitor economy across the county want you to feel confident in the reception you’ll receive and the quality of experience you’ll enjoy here. They’re uniting under a set of pledge points to show their commitment to providing great customer service.

Businesses displaying The Oxfordshire Welcome logo want you to know that:

1. We welcome all our visitors and guests courteously and without discrimination.
2. Our staff are trained to deliver great customer service, we want you to get the most from your visit.
3. We work hard to improve the service offered to all our visitors.
4. We’re happy to talk to guests in advance of their visit to discuss any specific requirements they may have.
5. Oxfordshire attracts visitors from across the world. Wherever you’re from, we will offer you a warm welcome and make every effort to ensure you have a great experience.
6. Our website is a true reflection of who we are and what we offer.
7. Our promotional materials, printed and digital, contain accurate information about our service provision and the amenities and facilities you’ll find here.
8. On our website we publish accessibility information to help people with accessibility requirements get the most from their visit.
9. All feedback is welcome. We approach negative feedback from a positive perspective! We are always aiming to improve.
10. Any shortcomings in our service will be addressed promptly and politely.
11. We want our visitors to leave us with happy memories so there are no hidden costs, all prices quoted and additional surcharges required are always visible and clearly stated.
12. We understand stuff happens and plans change, so we ensure we have a clear cancellation policy on our website and on all our booking related communications.
13. We’re mindful of your health and safety and comply with all applicable requirements and regulations. We carry out regular health and safety checks and any catering staff are properly trained and supervised.
14. We’re proud to be based in Oxfordshire, and we want our business to contribute to the quality of life and economy of the county in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


The ‘Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme (VERP)’ is a £1.64 million programme of activity, led by OxLEP to assist the recovery of Oxfordshire’s visitor economy. It is supported through funding secured by OxLEP via the government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund and aims to back the sector’s ongoing re-emergence from Covid-19 through a variety of positive interventions that will help Oxfordshire businesses remain competitive, embrace innovation, and be more resilient. This initiative is a key part of the programme to help to achieve the overall aim to ‘attract visitors and ensure that Oxford and Oxfordshire maintain its position as one of the UK’s most desirable visitor destinations for local, national, and international visitors, with a focus on attracting value from all visitors and encouraging green and sustainable tourism and practices’.

For further information on the wider VERP programme – Visitor Economy Renaissance Programme | OxLEP (