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The History of Science Museum (HSM) is home to an unrivalled collection of ingenious inventions and devices from different cultures, places and times in human history. Located on Broad Street in the heart of historic Oxford, HSM is housed in the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built public museum building.


Our stories

The Museum explores the stories, ideas and questions that connect our human experience across time and space.

Highlights include:

• Einstein’s Blackboard – more than just a glimpse into the mind of a genius, it is an intriguing snapshot of a key moment in our understanding of the cosmos

• Lyra’s Worlds – Step into Lyra’s study, under a canopy of stars and Dust, to discover props and costumes from the BBC HBO production, including Lyra’s alethiometer from the series.

•Beautiful instruments used to study the stars and tell the time (including awesome astrolabes and stunning sundials)

• Marconi’s radio revolution and his vision to connect the world through wireless technology

• Stories of Oxford’s life-saving contribution to medical science, including penicillin, the fight against typhoid and living history stories of community and courage from the pandemic


Visitors can explore their stories online at https://hsm.ox.ac.uk/



You can pick up a souvenir of your visit at the Museum Shop: everything from astrolabes and activity packs to eco-friendly mugs and periodic table goodies.



Free to visit – groups need to book in advance.


History of Science Museum, Broad Street,
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 3AZ United Kingdom
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