Alumni Tours


Alumni Tours is an independent tour company with a difference. Located in the heart of Cambridge & Oxford in royal blue uniform, we provide walking tours with real Cambridge & Oxford University students and graduates as well as traditional Cambridge punting tours.


We think the best way to see Cambridge & Oxford is with the real experts. That’s why our walking tour guides are always students of the University of Cambridge & Oxford, who take you in and around the colleges while offering their personal take on famous history and student life. For a different perspective, try a relaxing punting tour on the river. An iconic part of Cambridge’s heritage, punting is the ideal way to see and learn about some of the most famous Cambridge colleges.

For centuries Cambridge & Oxford have been home to some of the greatest minds and biggest ideas in human history. They are cities where people come to explore, discover, and imagine. During your visit, let Alumni Tours bring these cities of learning to life.

Join us on a shared tour, or request a more private affair. Whether you’re a curious traveller or prospective student, hen party or school group, our professional and enthusiastic team is here to meet all your needs, answer all your questions, and help you make the most of your visit to Cambridge & Oxford.

In just an hour walk through pivotal moments of human history: from petty and outlandish rivalries to architectural masterpieces with confusing names. See the lamp-post which inspired Narnia and the architecture which has inspired His Dark Materials. Visit the meadows where C.S. Lewis first recounted the story of Alice in Wonderland. Marvel at some of the world’s greatest examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture. Inspiring, baffling, and downright outrageous: Oxford is a city full of stories waiting to be told.

In just an hour and a half, walk through a thousand years of human history: from an Anglo-Saxon church tower to a contemporary (and controversial) clock that doesn’t even tell the time properly. See the rooms where Newton wrote his theory of gravity and hear the truth behind the apple tree myth. Visit the pub where Watson and Crick announced one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century. Marvel at some of the greatest examples of Gothic and Neoclassical architecture in the world. Inspiring, baffling, and downright outrageous: Cambridge is a city full of stories waiting to be told.